Why invest in our Valid Property over other players?

There are three vital stakeholders involved in our platform, the developers, agents and a customer.

As a developer?

-> Easy and faster deal- Developer contact details are made visible to the customer, therefore making it easier for customers to contact the owner/developer directly. (Which is also free of cost for both).
-> Rating and reviews- This enhances customers trust on ‘trusted dealers’ and will grab many other customers, resulting into increased deals!
-> More advertence of your property- As we are getting tied up with property exhibitions, we can enhance the recognition of Developers.
-> Localized brand promotion- We also provide better localized promotions.



--> Promotion on Social Media- We also provide promotions of your properties on social media platforms at affordable rates.
--> Future value analysis- We also give future value predictions as to where the property stands in future market.
--> More Modules- We are working on many additional modules to simplify the process involved. Real estate sector is booming up widely in India and also digital platforms are quite necessary for the current trend. Our Valid Property which is a Registered, Corporate legal entity provides such platform. And also is operational not only in India, but also in parts of Canada.
->Although getting started up currently, we are working on many innovative ideas which will ease out all your tasks for sure!


Services provided-
Residential real estate service.
Commercial real estate service.
Loan Service.
Video Promotional service.
Paying guest/ PG service.
Localized brand promotion.

Our Squad
We have an enthusiastic and a tireless squad that strives to work and provide all vital services to your queries involved! We don’t settle until and unless you are settled with a property purchase/rent/sale. ValidProperty is an all in one property search, property listing platform for tenants, landlords, and contractors. Beginning from the rental search to the end of the lease, behind each apartment, house or condo for rent in and every handy feature, there's a team driven to help along the way till we find your next rental home. ValidProperty is an easy-to-use platform that is designed to simplify the property search, application and leasing process. We are here 24x7 to connect tenants, landlords and to speed up the closure of deals.

 Telecaller / Customer Support squad - Our Telecallers ensure you that none of your doubts or requests are left unanswered and available ruthlessly for 24x7 assistance.

 Marketing squad - Our marketing personnel are available on regional basis, aid you right from budget related intelligence to location specific details and also furnish you with the particulars of the property.

 Technical squad – We have a highly dexterous technical team so that you may encounter a soothing and seamless experience on our platform that is simple, and hassle free.

 Business analyzer experts – We are envisaged with an extreme expertise for analysis who will assist both the end User and the Agent. He/she gives information pertaining to where to buy properties depending on the market value and demand. Loa-related information so that you thrive and buy the property without any hurdles on the way. Also gives resolution on how to have a perfect savings plan to make your dream come true.

 Video Creation and Video Promotion squad – We create 2D and 3D videos so effectively that you can experience and witness the home or property you wish to buy/rent without actually moving out from our platform!